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What is it About Old Houses?







   By (Area Resident) Donna Christensen


   Character homes, Heritage homes, Victorian homes or just plain Old houses — whatever you call them, with their rich dark wood and copious crafted details, silently, regally, impart a sense history to those who enter.


The charm of these unique homes embraces you immediately as you open the front door and find yourself in the foyer. This generous entrance hallway, which provides ample space for greeting guests or welcoming home children from school, leads you to a French door or pocket door, and into the formal, yet cosy living room, lit by the warm glow of the fireplace.


This formal and private setting is perfect for entertaining or a quiet chat while the evening meal is being prepared out of sight in the kitchen.


Formal too is the dining room perhaps with wainscoting and no doubt a fir plate rail on which some favourite plates are displayed.


If character and charm are elements you are looking for in a home then we hope our brief description of the many wonders heritage homes have to offer has given you something to dream about.


Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the a rchitectural beauty of a heritage home, there is so much to explore in every room — the craftsmanship, the detailing, the leaded or stained glass windows, extensive wood, high ceilings …





Q: Should you buy a heritage home?

A: If you are an admirer of architectural beauty then a heritage home is for you.



Q:  Are heritage homes good investments?

A: Yes, they are indeed a good investment.  Heritage homes have their warts just like any home does, but they are not making any more of them. They go up in value just as any real estate does in better times, due to the law of supply and demand. But in addition to that, they go up in value due to their exclusivity. They are rare and that makes them very valuable and certain to be for years to come.


   It is really a matter of setting realistic expectations. Deal with knowledgeable professionals who can guide you. Have the house looked at by a qualified home Inspector, but don’t think in terms of “passing the inspection” or “a clean bill of health.” Old houses don’t pass inspections so much as they return a list of priorities and an order in which to deal with them. Owning an older home is not a free ride; it’s more like a committed relationship with a very special someone. They are as joy and passion usually is, an experience few would trade for any other.


Q:  Are they expensive to heat?

A: No, not compared to the cost of heating plus getting to-and-from a house in the suburbs.