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Images By Dan the Photo Man

Groat Estate along Groat Road

Edmonton's Capital City Recreation Park (Basically the Entire North Saskatchewan River Valley) is One of the largest, if not the Largest Municpal Park in the World. Edmontonians spend a great deal of their leisure time in this Wonderful, Unspoiled River Valley.

Notice the Wilderness-like back ground in Photos along Groat Road. You might forget that these shots are taken form Groat Estate/Glenora, Just Along the West Side of the Down Town Core. In the Pictures of Traffic on Groat Road, the Southbound Cars are about 3 Minutes from the University of Alberta, and the Northbound about 3 Minutes from Westmount/Graot Estate. 


Images by Dan the Photo Man

High Street & Area


Groat Estate/Westmount-Just Above the Lush North Saskatchewan River


Images By Dan the Photo Man

Groat Estate/Oliver

Images By Dan the Photo Man