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Wonderful Westglen

Westglen School

Why we chose Westglen Elementary School

By: Sue Huff

Parent of two at Westglen (grade 6 and grade 3)


Choosing to go to the neighborhood school was one of the best decisions I've ever made as a parent. Westglen School has exceptional teachers and great academic achievement results. We are lucky enough to have an art specialist who teaches art to all grades and the new music teacher who has coaxed incredible performances out of all the students.

But many schools boast great teachers. To me, what my children learn at Westglen extends far beyond the class room. They learn about the strength of community and the importance of citizenship. And they learn this through consistent daily examples from the Westglen parents.

Everyday, I walk to school with our children. Along the way, we meet up with other parents and children and dogs. We all know each other's children. In fact, I know all my children's classmates and most of their parents. If we ever need help (with last minute childcare or missed assignments), I have a dozen people I can call on who live within blocks of me. Choosing the Neighborhood school means our need to drive is greatly reduced and so is the stress level that goes with trying to make it across the city at rush hour.

But it's more than just a matter of convenience--some exceptional things happen at Westglen because we know each other and feel connected. This year, one of our grade one students was hospitalized for leukemia treatment. Eighty-five Westgleners (parents, students and teachers) chartered a bus to go to the hospital to sing him happy birthday. Later, when he was undergoing a bone marrow transplant, every classroom turned to face south to send him a positive message. Multiple cameras, operated by Westglen parents, captured this poignant moment and this footage was sent to the family. A find-raiser for the family, organized by a Westglen parent, raised over $3500 and later this month Westglen parents will be involved in Blood Donation Drive in support of this student. 

Every child at Westglen benefits from this incredible parent involvement. Here's just some of what our parents do: Running Club, Drama Club, writing the school plays, Craft Club, monthly hot dog lunch, tabulating monthly reading minutes, Family Dance, Family Skate Night, the design for school logo, fieldtrips, extra reading help, fundraisers, Jump Rope for Heart skipping rope tuners, library help...The list goes on. 

Westglen Parents lead by example....with charity, generosity and creativity. And I couldn't imagine a better environment for my children.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 454-3449. You can also feel free to drop me an email at suehuff@shaw.ca



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