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When an Open House is Cancelled



   Unfortunately Realtors Must Sometimes Cancel Advertised Open Houses.

The first place  robandjune.com makes that kind of change, is on the Top Center of our Website in the Open House Module. T he Cancelled Open House Simply Disappears from the Page.  We are Sorry that this Sometimes Happens too late to Inform Folks, Who Show Up only to Find there is No Open House and a Frustrating Note on the Door.

We Of Course Regret Any Inconvenience those Instances Cause.

However, a Realtor Open House is not like Wal-Mart advertising a Store will be Open Sunday 2:00 to 4:00 and just not being open at that time. In the Case of Open Houses, Realtors are Really Conducting Public Business in a Private Residence and Only with Permission from the Owner/Owners. In Fact Realtor Open Houses are merely an Extension of an Invitation to the Public, to come to a Private Residence, made on Behalf of an Owner.

If for Any Reason, the Owner Requests an Open House be Cancelled, the Open House is (of course) cancelled without Question.