Groat Estate (Now Zone 7-Westmount)


Groat Estate is just West of Downtown Located: North of the North Saskatchewan River, West of 124 Street, South of 107 Ave. East of Groat (Road) Ravine. Groat Estate developed in the early 1900s on Lands once owned by Edmonton Business Man Malcolm Groat. Infact, the Groat Saw Mill was once Located where Malcolm Groat Park is today, at 107 Ave East of Groat Road. Many of the early houses in this area remain today, along with a mixture of homes from various following eras, up to and including modern “Infill Houses.” There are some grand and wonderful houses, even some Historic Mansions on Villa Ave. (Cromwell House) which are Truly Magnificent. A few in the area are designated “Historic Sites,” and bear a plaque from either the City or Provincial Governments to ensure that not a “Character Defining” detail is ever lost.




For a Great History of the Historic Westmount, Groat Estate and Glenora Areas, Pick up a Copy of Edmonton's West Side Story at Greenwoods Volume2 in High Street, or from the 124th Street Business & Area Business Association .