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James Henderson, Architect for The Wells Home


Time was when exterior elements served the purpose and little attention was paid to interior conveniences. The modern architect must be skilled in a greater number of branches of the art than were neessary before the modern office building came into vogue. It is because Edmonton is possessed of some of the best architects of the world that her business and residence structures, have no superior in point of convenience, good taste in design and the embodyment of every modern feature.

In such buildings as the Moser-Ryder block, First street, one finds full expression of these principles with the result that it is one of the most popular buildings in the city.  This structure was designed by Mr. James Henderson, 42 Jasper Ave W., one of Edmonton's leading architects, whose work is found in a number of pretentious structures in the city. Among these are the First street Fire Hall, the Childrens Shelter, the Brown Block, the Ames Holden and McCready warehouse, Husons Bay company warehouse, school at Jasper park and others.

Mr. Henderson is a man of high personal attainments and became established in business, in Edmonton four years ago. His former home was in England, were he is a fellow of the Royal Institute of British architects. In addition Mr. Henderson is vice president of the Alberta Association of architects and a leading spirit in the advancement of the science of highest standards. 

Mr. Henderson takes a deep interest in social and political questions, is a lover of clean outdoor sports, and has original ideas on questions affecting the community as a whole.

Since coming to Edmonton Mr. Henderson has become an enthusiastic influence in its advancement and has given his best efforts to the work of building a city whorthy of the capital of the province and equal to the asperations its sponsors have for it.

Edmonton Journal Special Edition 1913