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Balloon framing

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Balloon framing is a method of wood construction used primarily in Scandinavia , Canada and the United States . In the U.S., this method was introduced by Augustine Taylor (1796-1891) in Chicago . It utilizes long continuous framing members ( studs )that run from sill to eave line with intermediate floor structures nailed to them. Once popular when long lumber was plentiful, balloon framing has been largely replaced by platform framing.

The curious name of this framing technique was originally a derisive one. As Taylor was constructing his first such building, St. Mary's Church, in 1833, skilled carpenters looked on at the comparatively thin framing members, all held together with nails, and declared this method of construction to be no more substantial than a balloon. It would surely blow over in the next wind! Though the criticism proved baseless, the name stuck...

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