Charming Old Westmount

East of 124 street is charming Old Westmount which offers pre-WWI Heritage Homes, as well as homes from a mixture of following eras. Here you will see the same wonderful  One and a Half Storey, Two Storey and Two and a Half Storey Heritage Homes, People love in the W.A.H.A. (Pre-WWI) mixed with Post WWII houses (Post WWII being Edmonton’s first major, sustained construction boom, to follow the WWI bust). There is also Infill from the 60s, 70s, & Pockets of recent Infill. The area is East of 124 Street & West of a City Park (built along a disused railway), which runs north from 104 Ave., to 111 Ave. This park has playground equipment & lighted bike trails, offering a fast track into the downtown coreOld Westmount is close to the downtown core and we think an excellent value with a bright future. There are Well Preserved portions of Old Westmount which, like The Westmount Architectural Heritage Area offers Groups of Wonderful Heritage Homes along and on both sides of the street, which have been well loved, respectfully upgraded and protected.