Post WWll Westmount

Post-WWll Westmount was developed for the most part after WWII. It comprises mostly rock solidly built Bungalows, Semi-Bungalows & Two Storey homes, built mainly from the late 1940s into the 50s. If you like quality, you will know these homes: Hardwood Floors, Lath & Plaster walls, Fir Millwork, Glass Knob-sets, Coved Ceilings, you know, built to last. This may well be the most secure "era of construction" to purchase, in that, with a few upgrades to the electrical, plumbing & heating systems, these homes will last relatively trouble free for generations. This portion of Westmount is delineated as follows: West of and including the West Side of, 127 Street, to Groat Road, between 107 & 111 Aves. The area is more sought after every year with "Infill Homes" being built more than ever. Proximity to shopping, to schools, city center and the river valley (CapitalCityRecreationPark: the entire river valley) from Westmount, has for years been a well-kept secret. Here is a little of that secret: Westmount is just across the river via Groat Road from the University of Alberta. There are only 2 traffic lights (both on the 107 Ave. Bridge) and a yield sign, between "Post WWII Westmount" and for example, the Tory Building at the U of A. (True in reverse for North Glenora) Returning, there are NO traffic lights and only a yield sign between the Tory Building and post WWII Westmount, via Groat Road (under the 107 Ave. Bridge) to 109 a Ave. Westmount is also quick to N.A.I.T (The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) and to the Downtown and West End Campuses of G.M.C.C. (Grant MacEwan Community College.) There are Public and Separate schools of all grades in and around Westmount. It is walking distance to the River Valley Parks System (which includes Groat Ravine to the 107 Ave. bridge) and to all the Character Shopping along 124 Street and @124 Street & 101 Ave. such as High Street or Mountain Equipment Co-op--or some of the wonderful restaurants, which are themselves located in grand old houses: The Manor Café, La Spiga. It is walking distance to shopping, dining establishments and the theaters at the recently renovated Westmount Center Mall--that goes without saying--even if Westmount Mall is not located in Westmount, but in another great West End area called Woodcroft. So if you are contemplating a move to/in Edmonton and like what you have read about Westmount, give us a call. We love this special part of Edmonton.