The Westmount Architectural Heritage Area

The Westmount Architectural Heritage Area is a treasure trove of the early 1900s mostly Arts & Crafts era Heritage Homes, which remain not only well preserved, but if you were to remove the cars that line our modern streets and replace them with horse-drawn, or horse-less, carriages, you might think you’d caught the proverbial time machine to this idyllic Pre-WWI scene. And, were you not to encounter a modern contraption of any kind, these homes would not give the secret away. The Westmount Architectural Heritage Area is an area well preserved. There are portions of the W.A.H.A. where there is no home in sight up and down the street or in any direction, which is not Christmas Card Character, Old World Charm. Here, people still sit on the front Verandah and chat to passers-by. How can you beat that? W.A.H.A. (our acronym) consists of 125 & 126 Streets, North of 107 Ave./South of 111 Ave.—that’s it! Not very big, but very special indeed!