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Canadian Art Standard  High States Dr. R.B. Wells

From telegraph boy, post office clerk and bookkeeper in a small Ontario town, to one of the best known medical specialists in Western Canada. This has been the career of Dr. R.B. Wells, an Edmonton resident who came here when the community was little more than a scattered collection of shacks and tents and when the first boom days were dawning. Dr. Wells has seen it grow from those boom town frontier days until today where it is one of the leading centres of western Canada. During that time he has built up his practice and has been one of the leading citizens of the community.
Robert Bruce Wells was born at Lynedoch, South Norfolk, Ontario on November 4, 1867. His father was one of the prominent lumberman of that section. When he was sixteen he started on the first part of his career, that of telegraph operator, post office clerk and bookkeeper, and continued in this line of ork until he was twenty years old. Desire for knowledge caused him to leave these positions. I thought that life might have something better for me,” Dr. Wells recounts, “and so I resigned and went to the Aylmer high school where I studied under that famous principal W. Rutherford. I studied for one year of matriculation work and then went to the Toronto university. My family moved to Toronto about the same time.”
The doctor graduated in 1894 and went to Durham, Ontario, where he practiced with Dr. Jamieson, who was speaker in the provincial house in Ontario for a number of years. In the next year he went to DelhiOntario, where he bought out the Practice of Dr. Honsberger, no chief medical referee for the Mutual Life of Canada.
Going to Chicago, Dr. Wells undertook additional post-graduate work for three months and then came to Edmonton for climatic reasons. “I found things congenial here,” Dr. Wells states, “and I’m still here. When we arrived in the city there was nothing but bush west of 112 Street and it was broken by a winding trail, the original Stony Plain road. Houses were scarce. We had to board out until we could rent a house and we had the first month’s rent paid on a house while it was still under construction.” Dr. Wells purchased his first lot in the city on the day after his arrival and sold it later at a fair profit. He bought more property and in 1910 sold (some) of it and left with Mrs. Wells for a trip to Europe.

Fine Art Collection

Dr. Wells has perhaps one of the finest collections of oil paintings in Edmonton in his well appointed home on Connaught  Drive. He is proud of his pictures which he has collected since 1912 when he purchased his first canvas. In addition to his interst in arts, Dr. Wells has another hobby, that of gardening. His home is surrounded by lovely blooms set our in perfect arrangement.